walk through

perform in a perfunctory way, as for a first rehearsal
Derivationally related forms: ↑walk-through
Hypernyms: ↑rehearse, ↑practise, ↑practice
Verb Frames:

Somebody ——s something

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1. : to go through (a play, scene, or acting part) perfunctorily as in an early stage of rehearsal

she merely walked through the part, mumbling her lines — Time

2. : to deal with or carry out perfunctorily

there is a tendency for students to consider such tests a mere matter of routine and to just walk through them — Quarterly Journal of Speech

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ˌwalk ˈthrough [transitive] [present tense I/you/we/they walk through he/she/it walks through present participle walking through past tense walked through past participle walked through] phrasal verb
to practise or learn something in a slow patient way, or to show someone how to do something

She walked James through the basics of money management.

Can you walk us through your reasons for wanting the job.

Thesaurus: practice and practising doing somethingsynonym to teach someone somethingsynonym to study, or to study hardsynonym
Main entry: walk

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rehearse (a play or other piece), reading the lines aloud from a script and performing the actions of the characters
act or perform in a perfunctory or lackluster manner

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walk through [phrasal verb]
1 walk through (something) : to do (something) slowly or without much effort

We walked through the whole dance routine once, then practiced each section.

It's a shame to see such a talented actress just walking through her part.

2 walk (someone) through (something) : to help (someone) do (something) by going through its steps slowly

He walked me through installing the software.

— see also walk-through
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